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2018 Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition - WINNERS
(HM = Honorable Mention)

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1st Place - Louise Eastin Moses, Belleair Bluffs, FL "Ellison Funeral Home, Williamsburg, Kentucky" Emotional impact and visual appeal come together in this breathless approach to a story of grief with which most readers will identify.

2nd Place - David Dillon, West Glover, VT "reflection tour" This concise free verse draws readers into a compelling scene that invites us to think and read again.

3rd Place - Joyce Shiver, Crystal River, FL "Golden Youth" Most readers will identify with this villanelle that nicely handles its traditional form.

1st HM - Joan Hiatt Harlow, Venice, FL "Seaside Inheritance" A lovely sculpture in sand, water, and words

2nd HM - Joan Weiner, Asheville, NC "Remains" Fresh phrases and tight writing bring honor and couplets to this free verse poem.

3rd HM - David Dillon, West Glover, VT "Recycling Day" Another concise poem that bears reading again.

4th HM - Joan Hiatt Harlow, Venice, FL "Acceptance" Reader identification, clear visuals, and a true-to-form sonnet elevated this poem.

5th HM - Linda Hudson Hoagland, North Tazewell, VA "The Penny" Picking up this penny and short poem puts humor in the pocket.

6th HM - Joyce Shiver, Crystal River, FL "Shy Daisies" These daisies fit well in the Shakespearean Sonnet form.

7th HM - Joan Hiatt Harlow, Venice, FL "After Viewing Wyeth's 'Her Room'"   Rhyme and rhythm honor a painting in this metered poem.

1st Place - Kimberlee Esselstrom, Groveland, FL "Swimming with Strangers in Shanghai" Beautifully written first person story with rich descriptions that put the reader right alongside the author's experience. The author's personality, wry sense of humor and sense of place shine through. Kudos!

2nd Place - Candace Deal, Marietta, GA "Darrell Geist: Voice of the Buffalo" Superb writing. If this story has not been published, it should be! Author gives an excellent narrative, chock full of imagery yet, not overdone in the least. Great job.

3rd Place - Jody Karr, Oklahoma City, OK "Invisible Bondage" Terrific article about the stigma of an adult not being able to read or write. Well-written story about illiteracy, tenacity and courage. Good job.

1st HM - Kate Ruland-Thorne, Grand Junction, CO "The Woman Who Would Be President" Remarkably well done and interesting article. Clearly, the author has put in hours and hours of research, which bodes well for her (or him) in such a detailed, but never boring, story.

2nd HM - Kate Ruland-Thorne, Grand Junction, CO "The Mystery and Legend of Charlie Glass"

3rd HM - Karen B. Kurtz, Fairhope, AL "Why Black Dolls Matter"

1st PLACE - Dorothy Pedersen, Orangeville, Ontario "Wallace Wins a Medal" What a clever point of view, which works so beautifully in this story. This creative writer uses exceptional choice of words, plot and structure. The author's outstanding writing deserves a "10" and the No. 1 spot. Fantastic job.

2nd PLACE - Julianne Woodside, Sacramento, CA "Since the Boy Died" Heart wrenching, yet well-executed story. Throughout this sensitive and well-written piece, the reader can feel the separate yet equal angst of both the wife and the husband. Kudos!

3rd PLACE - Sandy Jordan, Neosho, MO "The Bell Song" The author chose a good storyline, which transitions well from beginning to end. Skillful dialogue. If the author's intention is to create a novel, there's significant potential for that to come to fruition.

1st HM - Patricia Grady Cox, Phoenix, AZ "The Cabin Door, Chapter Two" The author shows promise. The writer created a good plot with effective dialogue and transitions. The novel needs a professional editor to help smooth out the rough edges.

2nd HM - Morgan Finn, New Hartford, CT "17. Fay" novel

3rd HM - Jack E. Romig, Largo, FL "Shards of Glass" novel

1st Place - - Chelle Martin, South Amboy, NJ "What's in Mommy's Kitchen?" This fresh alphabet poem introduces young children to the contents of a kitchen in a kid-friendly way. Each line offers an easy-to-picture image that lifts this timeless topic into the realm of a potentially favorite picture book.

2nd Place - Bethanie Baker Henderson, Hatfield, PA "My Father's with Me" These poetic lines employ all 5 senses as they enter both the natural and spiritual world.

3rd Place - Laurie Glieco, Buffalo, NY "Lights Out" Thorough research of an interesting topic make this well-written nonfiction outstanding.

1st HM - Gail Hedrick, Bradenton, FL   "What's Under My Bed?" Humor and a situation children will identify with bring this rhyming poem to life.

2nd HM - Jan Evans, Toccoa, GA "Rite of Passage" An unusual story and solid writing draw readers into this fictitious account of a young girl's coming of age.

3rd HM - Kristie-Anne Opaleski, Howell, NJ "Emmy's Experiment" This story challenges readers to think about science and the natural world.

4th HM - Karen DellaCava, Wayne, NJ "Christmas Presence" Credible characters and plot move this contemporary middle grade fiction forward.


2017 Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition - WINNERS
(HM = Honorable Mention)

1st Place - Jody Karr, Oklahoma City, OK - "Lying in Bed in Oklahoma" - This free verse poem  captures attention and jolts readers into a beautifully expressed  visualization of the horror of war and its aftermath.

2nd Place - Sally Clark, Fredericksburg, TX - "Los Compadres" - The irony and levity of a  restaurant crew piling out of their work place into someone else's restaurant where one can find "laughter shaking the air like maracas" is the fresh stuff of which a well-written poem can bring readers into the experience.

3rd Place - Catherine Moran, Little Rock, AR - Reaching through the paint" - The descriptive encounter of an  interesting subject draws readers into a prehistoric world of darkness, light, beauty, and respect for life.

1st HM - Susan Lindsley, Decatur, GA - "The Unwritten Poem" - With brevity and humor, this poem illustrates a moment of distraction, which most people can identify with in some way.

2nd HM - Joan Weiner, Asheville, NC - "Afterwards" - Emotional impact carries readers through this free verse  poem and into a revelation most people will eventually experience too.

3rd HM - Nick Sweet, Shepherd, TX - "Decent/Descent" - The story of this poem unfolds with  rhyme, rhythm, and reality with which readers can relate.

4th HM - Louise Eastin Moses, Indian Rocks Beach, FL - "My Cousin Carrie" - This story poem offers emotional appeal readers can relate to and envision.

5th HM - L. L. Larkins, Littleton, CO - "Psalm~Carol 27" - With slant rhyme, true rhyme, and sound echoes, this poem retells a psalm.

MOST PROMISING (will receive a critique)
Cassandra Tiersma, Dunsmuir, CA - "Spill" - Humor and reader identification make this lively poem most promising with a little tweak.

1st Place - Myrna Gordon Skurnick, Boca Raton, FL - "To Be or Not To Be Seen" - Good story. Well-written with descriptions that take the reader to the time and place.

2nd Place -Ingrid Silvian, Groveport, OH - "Growing up during Hitler's WWII" - Simply, but skillfully written. Could use editing, especially with repetitive "they" and "she." But overall, very well done. The reader feels transported to the precarious war years. Good job.

3rd Place - Myrna Gordon Skurnick, Boca Raton, FL - "The Seance" - With the same characters as the top entry, this story, too, is well-written. The reader feels like she is in the story, rather than standing outside looking in.

Honorable Mention - Valerie Gardener, Cornville, AZ - "The Golf Tournament" - Excellent premise, which is  part of the writer's memoir. Needs tweaking/editing with smoother flow  and transitions. Overall, good writing.

MOST PROMISING (will receive a critique)
Alessandra Bianchi, Marblehead, MA - "A Room of One's Own: With Yahtzee, Frozen Pop Up and  the Red Sox" - Outstanding story idea. Needs a bit of help with editing, point-of-view and format.

1st Place - Cindy Pontrelli, Green Cove Springs, FL - "Flight 1715 to Havana," Chapter 6 - Author  knows how to throw a punch. Excellent and descriptive word usage. Puts reader rightfully on edge with drama that is well done, not overdone. If the other chapters are as good as this chapter submission, then the novel is ripe for publishing.

2nd Place - Linda Newman,  San Mateo, CA - "Collision," short story - This well-crafted short story earned the Most Promising last year. Very good storyline with surprise  ending. Great reworking and great job.

3rd Place - Alexander Fernandez, Roseville, CA - "Above the Ashes," Chapter One - Well-written with the  potential of an outstanding novel to come. Needs some editing, but  author is on the right track with solid characters and structure, and  just-right dialogue, which carry the plot forward very well.

Honorable Mention - Kate Ruland-Thorne, Grand Junction, CO " "Beneath the Endless Sky," Chapter One " Writer is off to a good start with the first chapter. Could use the help of a good editor to tighten and pare down the adjectives (e.g. either emerald or green but not emerald green). This book could easily be on the path  toward being published.

MOST PROMISING (will receive a critique)
Patricia Grady Cox, Phoenix, AZ - "Next Year," short story - The writer shows great  promise. Structure needs tweaking but good story, characters and  verbiage.

1st Place - Gail Hedrick, Bradenton, FL - "What's for Dinner?" - Appropriate for its intended 8-12-year-old readership, this lively story poem offers humor and a  fresh view told in rhythmic couplets.

2nd Place - Joyce Lapin, Simsbury, CT - "The Ladder to the Moon" - This picture book has humor and keeps young readers interested.

3rd Place - Belva Green, Tarpon Springs, FL - "Clickity City" - Preschoolers will enjoy the sounds and sights of city life as portrayed in this picture book poem.

1st HM - Ida J. Lewenstein, San Mateo, CA - "A Sad Little Dog" - The title doesn't give readers a hint about the story, but this picture book poem can help young readers to see they're exactly who they need to be.

2nd HM - Georgia Kelly Fitzhugh, Lancaster, TX - "A Valentine Surprise" - Although the title gives no  hint of the subject matter, this nonfiction for grade school readers includes well-done research on the Chisholm Trail with "Notes to Parents and Teachers" that could be reworded as a nonfiction article to interest kids.

MOST PROMISING (will receive a critique)
Claire Hernandez, Lafayette, LA - "The Selfish Rainbow" (story) - This story for readers 5 to 8-years-old may actually be two stories in one!


Note: Prior years' listings disappeared courtesy of some computer gremlin - just discovered today, 05/26/18 - will recover and replace gradually as time permits.


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