OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM - 2019 WrEN Award for Poetry

A separate form must accompany each entry (3-5 single-spaced pages of poems in one Category).  Postmark Deadline: April 30, 2019.

1. Poet's  name _____________________________________________________________

2. Poet's mailing address ____________________________________________________________________


3. Poet's phone number (______) ______________ Email: ____________________________________________

4. CATEGORY for this entry (Traditional, Free Verse, or Poetry for Children) ________________________________

5. TITLES of poems in this entry _________________________________________________________________




6.. ENTRY FEE (check one and enclose fee with entry and entry form):

/  / $10, I am a current WEN/FFWA member or am joining at this time (dues enclosed), and entry is 3-5 pages of poems
/  / $15, I am NOT a member and am not joining at this time, and entry is 3-5 pages of poems

/  / I have enclosed membership dues of $ ______ (see Membership page for choices here).

Make entry fee check or money order payable to: CNW Publishing. One check may be written to cover multiple entries if all are mailed in same package (but enclose separate entry forms for each entry). (US $ only)

You may charge your entry fee(s) to: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Charge will appear on your card statement as "CNW Pub," and a receipt will be emailed to you by Square, our credit card processor.

Card # _________________________________________

expiration date. _________ Security (CVV) code: ________

card zip/postal code: __________ (important; card will not be approved without zip/postal code on your credit card statement)

Total charged $______________ credit card name or signature:


You can submit your entry fees via PayPal to (a verified PayPal user since 2000) even if you are mailing your hard copy entry. Be sure to note with your payment the titles of your poems for matching up. Then mail your entry or entries via postal mail along with entry form(s) - We will email you confirmation when we have received and matched up your entry fees and entries.

7. SEND entry form(s), with entry or entries & fees to: WrEN Award for Poetry, CNW Publishing, PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590 by postmark deadline of April 30, 2019..

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