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You've arrived at the online home of
Writers-Editors Network (WEN)
formerly Cassell Network of Writers (CNW)

We've been linking professional writers and editors with those who need content and editorial services since 1982 so we know our members and can give you old-fashioned personal attention whether you're an editor, a creative director, a business owner or professional, or an individual needing help with your memoirs.

And if you're a freelance writer or editor, our Network offers you the latest market information, marketing tips, business-building strategies, and valuable networking help.

A Bit of History

Florida Freelance Writers Association was founded in February 1982 to provide a much-needed link between Florida writers and buyers of the written word; and to further professional development of writing and marketing skills of Florida writers.

As editors discovered the FFWA Writer Data Bank Referral Service and Guide to Florida Writers, they began asking if we had writers located in other states as well as Florida. Although out-of-state writers had always been a part of FFWA, we needed to expand our reach if we were to meet more of their needs.

First, we expanded membership into Georgia and Texas, then decided it would be be more effective to simply make our CNW membership reach across country, and even into Canada and several other countries.

FFWA remains a separate but linked association, with most members living all or part of the year in Florida, but with many located year-round in other states and countries.

As we move into our fourth decade, we continue to concentrate on offering information and services to serious, independent writers and book authors.

Contact Information

CNW Publishing, Editing Inc.
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Phone: (603) 922-8338
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Email: info@writers-editors.com

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Membership information:

Executive Director: Dana K. Cassell

Legal Advisor: David R. Ellis

Christine Adamec adamec@aol.com
Lois Blackburn ljblackburn@att.net
Prudy Taylor Board prudytaylorboard@att.net
Fred. W. Wright Jr. TravelWord@aol.com

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CNW Publishing, Editing & Promotion Inc.
PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590
phone (603) 922-8338
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