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(Note: This is but a sampling of the many job postings on our Members Bulletin Board - posted almost daily. Between 100 and 200 requests for freelance writers or editors or material are posted on our Network Bulletin Board each month- Membership Information.) Only paying jobs are posted on the Members Bulletin Board; a selected few nonpaying jobs may be posted here in order to offer new writers a chance to get a few clips (but DO limit the freebies to two or three and only if you need to go through the process for the experience and sample clips for your portfolio or to link to from your Web page).

Posted 12/20/16: Looking for someone to do write up in newspaper 350-500 words for us, the story needs to be a feel good story based upon some recent charity work that we have provided. Contact Rachael Green, Ajs Seafood and Oyster Bar, Payment: $100

Posted 12/06/16: I'm looking for a fiction writer who can take ready plots for 5 - 10 books, fully fleshed out with characters and chapter summaries, and create 10k - 12k word books from each of these to be published on Kindle. They are series type plots, with each plot leading to a new book in the series.  I want to pay a reasonable fee, but am not sure what that would be. If you are interested, please send the fee or range that you would consider for this project (per book or for 5 books), as well as your fiction background and time frame for completing a book. Contact Rick Roberts at

Posted 10/21/16: Seeking an editor/writer for my high school cousin who lives in India. Context: - He lives in New Delhi. - English isn't his first language, he will need some heavy editing. - He goes to a top 10 High School, so he's pretty smart. - He's applying to 8 colleges in the United States. He's looking for someone who can help him over a period of several months. - His grades are average, but he's smart and unique. - His first deadline is Nov 1 for Emory (he's applying for early decision). Emory is his first choice. 3 essays are due on this date (so this would be a rush job). - He's great/fun to work with, and host a very interesting background. Requirements: -Someone really great who feels like he/she can really help (and wants to help) based on the context above. He/she will be editing 3 essays that are due by Nov 1. Timing: Need someone to start by Tuesday of next week and finish before Nov 1. My cousin will provide the rough drafts for all 3 essays by Tuesday. Payment: Negotiable. Contact Tiffany Brackens, (214) 713-5027;

Posted 10/07/16: Writers/journalists needed to cover climate change event, November 30 - December 2, 2016 at Hyatt Ft Lauderdale - see - Needs placement in major media. Will pay for three days. Send media credits and fee requirements to Jason Youner, or call him at (201) 960-8703.

Posted 08/25/16: I am looking for a freelance editor to help me put the finishing touches to my short non-fictional novel. I am hoping to finish the novel in the next few week and would need a quick turn around editing service. This would include spell check and grammar check and some input into the book would be a huge bonus. I would prefer not to pay any fee due to having a really low budget to get this book to market. Your name would also be on the book as editor. If this sounds like something that might interest you then please get in touch. This job would suit either a student looking to start out or someone interested in beginning to be a freelancer. Thanks, Katy Dixon, Northwest UK, Cheshire, United Kingdom; Deadline: October 2016. Payment: 20-40

Posted 08/10/16: Looking for Short Western Novellas. Between 5000 and 10000 words. Immediate $50 payment on acceptance and 50% of Gross Royalties paid quarterly. All sorts -- traditional, romance, whatever. No racism or erotica please. Contact: Terry Irving, Ronin Robot Press, Bethesda MD ;

Posted 03/10/16: Need editor for 90K word novel (fiction / fantasy). Payment: negotiable. Contact: Delbert Ault, Lexington, KY; (859) 221-0453;


Talks, Seminars & Conferences  of Interest

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