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Privacy Policy Statement is the website of CNW Publishing, Editing & Promotion Inc. You can reach us at or by postal mail at PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590.

Our web server does not automatically recognize or log information regarding visitors' domain or email addresses.

We may retain the email addresses of those who communicate with us in order that we may send any requested information, notify members and interested visitors about changes to our website, or to contact members for Network news and information.

If you do not wish to receive email from us in the future for any reason, please let us know at with your email address (so we can delete it if we do have it).

We do not make our visitor or member or customer email lists available to any other companies or affiliates. Period.

Credit Cards and

When you order a book, report, or membership through our secure shopping area, I receive an email notifying me that your order is on the secure server. No credit card information comes to me via email. I must go through two separate secure areas, with different log-in/passwords for each, in order to retrieve your credit card number and expiration date from the secure server. I then delete that information immediately; once deleted, it cannot be retrieved. (Should I forget to delete it, the company owning the server automatically deletes it after a few weeks.) I then obtain authorization for your purchase through Square (see Once approved, I submit to them your email address so they can email you a receipt. The receipt should say "CNW Pub-Dana Cassell" and will include our address and phone number. (BTW - If you sell copies of your books at events or otherwise would like to take credit card payments, we can recommend using Square.)

If you choose to pay through PayPal (using your PayPal account or credit card), we do not receive your credit card information -- only an email from PayPal saying the charge has been approved, and then PayPal transfers the money (minus their percentage) directly into our bank account.

Spam Problems

Unfortunately, spam bots periodically pick on our domain to send out spam messages. They usually say they are from some weird address, such as xpdf @ writers.... Those spam messages DO NOT come from us. Should you receive these emails, simply delete them. Do not reply to them; best, don't even open them. The company that hosts our websites has installed the very latest preventive measures to try to cut down on this happening. As you have probably read, the latest safeguards last only long enough for the spammers to figure out how to work around them -- literally a matter of hours or days. We will continue to fight the good spam battle, but it appears to be a fact of internet life.

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