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Business/Marketing Survey Results:

What works best?

1. Which of the following has brought in the most new business clients for you this past year?
Referrals from current or past clients 53%;
     Networking at local or regional business meetings or events, or membership in professional associations 20%;
     Participating in online social media 13%;
     From my own blog postings or my website, Cold calling businesses 7% each.

2. Which of the following has brought in the most repeat business from past business clients this past year?
Doing nothing; they came back to me 53%;
     Emailing them 27%;
     Keeping in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media 20%;
     Contacting via postal mail or telephone none.
     Note: 33% of respondents do not provide editorial services for businesses.

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3. Which of the following has brought in the most book editing work this past year?
     Referrals from writers or publishers I've worked with before, Authors or publishers I've worked with before returning with new projects, Membership in professional associations/organizations or Attending national organizational meetings 29% each;
     Word of mouth sending prospects to my website or bio listings 14%.
     Note: 68% of respondents do not provide book editing services.

4. Which has generated the most book sales for you this past year?
   Speaking or teaching engagements 40%;
   Being listed on Amazon and other book sites/pages 30%;
   Social media, Displaying book at meetings, promoting on my own website and in my articles 10% each.
   Note: 52% of respondents do not have books to sell.

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5. Which has been most effective for marketing your website and/or blog this past year?
     Being active on social media 62%;
     Optimizing my website or blog around keywords 38%.
     Note: 44% of respondents do not have a website or blog.

6. When you see a new magazine in your subject area, which has been most successful for you this past year?
     Emailing a note of introduction and pointing to Web URLs where my articles are posted 33%;
     Mailing a letter of introduction and clips, Emailing queries suggesting specific ideas 17% each;
     Mailing query letters suggesting specific ideas 8%.
     One respondent found the most success to be Emailing both letters of introduction and query letters together.
     Note: Half of respondents do not write for magazines or did not look for new magazine markets this year or do not do cold approaches.

7. Which of the following has brought in the most work this past year from editors you had sold to before?
     Emailing them new queries 43%;
     Nothing special; they came back to me or it was ongoing work from prior year;
     Mailing them new queries via postal mail, Telephoning them, or Just reminding them I'm available for assignments 7% each.
     Note: 36% of respondents did not receive any assignments from past editors this year.

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8. Which of the following has generated the most writing/editing related income for you this past year?
     Writing articles for print magazines or websites 41%;
     Editing books for authors or publishers 23%;
     Writing or editing for business clients; Coaching, teaching, or speaking 14% each;
     Advances and/or royalties from traditional publishers 9%;
     Self-publishing books none.

9. Where have you invested most of your marketing time this past year?
   Reconnecting with past clients, editors, readers for new jobs, assignments or book sales 53%;
   Looking for new clients, magazines, book buyers 47%.
   Other strategies listed included Social media connections; Responding to job postings; National meetings.

10. How much of your editorial business time do you invest, on average, marketing your business, submitting queries/manuscripts, and/or promoting your books?
   10-25 percent (41%);
   10 percent or less (27%);
   25-50 percent (23%);
   more than 50 percent (9%).


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