Climb the Mountains to Success

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Get Published and Get Paid! . . .

by using these 100 Keys ... the Strategies and Tools Successful Freelance Writers and Editors use …

… all in one book and grouped by category to help you tackle your specific needs faster.

You will find tips and strategies on …

üSetting Fees üCollecting Payment     üDeveloping a Specialty    üImproving Cashflow     üTiming Your Work
üCarving Out a Niche    üMarketing Your Services    üSurviving    üPromoting Your Book    üRaising Your Fees  üPlanning for Growth    üand lots more

Business Building Strategies – How to Give Yourself a Performance Review – How to Find Time to Try New Fields – Alternative Networking – Your Ideal Assignment – The 3x Rule for Growing Your Business – Where to Find Business Clients – 3 Ways to Build a Freelance Editorial Business – How to Determine Which Markets to Target – When Your Rates are Too Low – Your Own Procedures Manual (Do you have one?) – Scheduling Your Priorities – Increasing Your Productivity – and more

ÖÖÖ Included are 10 Steps for Your Annual Planning - get ready for this coming year.

NOTE: These keys were originally published as "steps to success" in loose-leaf format in "Climb the Mountains to Freelance Success." To keep pace with today's e-world, the author has reviewed each "step," updated where necessary, and presented them as "100 Keys." Best of all, the Kindle price is low enough that even if you have the original "Climb the Mountains" book, you can add this Kindle version to your computer or electronic device - easier to carry with you and put to good use.


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