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Writer Guidelines for Freelance Writer's Report

Since its first issue (March 1982), FWR's main purpose has been to help serious, professional freelance writers — whether full-time or part-time — improve their earnings and profits from their editorial businesses.

The bulk of our content is market news and marketing information — how to build a writing/editing business, how to maximize income. But we don't need the basics, like how to write a query letter.  It's critical to remember our target audience.

Our target readers — members of Writers-Editors Network — are established writers. Many of them have published hundreds of magazine articles, several books, and/or worked for dozens of business clients.  We are interested only in information these writers can learn from and put to immediate use.

Because FWR is a newsletter and not a magazine, we do not use lengthy, magazine-style articles.  We also do not use jumps, so our length is restricted to one page — and shorter than that is even better. Our readers are busy professionals; they hardly have time to read a newsletter at all.  So we try to provide only the meat of the information, none of the fat. For example, we like bulleted copy and lists.  Because our format is so specific, most of our freelance material is written by our readers—– they know what we've already covered recently and how we want information presented.

We pay 10 cents per edited word; a check is sent along with a copy of the issue in which the item appears.  We lease only one-time rights.  Because we use outside material for "filling in" the empty columns after our regular market columns and in-house material is laid out, it can be several months before a spot the right size becomes available for an outside piece.  We do use reprints; although we do like to know where and when an article appeared (or will appear) so we don't publish around the same month it appears elsewhere.

Queries — email or regular mail with SASE — are OK, but because we have more use for shorter material, it usually makes more sense to send in the completed piece.  Email here is preferred because we don't have to rekey it or scan it. We usually respond within a few days.

For a sample print back issue, email your name and address.

To download a sample back issue now, go to our http://freelancekeys.com/samplecopy/.

For a current print issue, send $4 to CNW Publishing, PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590. (The $4 can be applied toward your membership if you decide to join WEN within one year of receiving the isssue).

Email queries or manuscripts to submission@writers-editors.com.


Contributor Guidelines for writers-editors.com

We have not yet purchased outside material, but may at some time, so watch this page for guidelines, payment policies, and other pertinent details.

In the meantime, if you have an article or tips of interest to freelance writers or book authors, and would like us to consider posting some or all of them in exchange for mention of your book or website or other item of interest to our visitors, plus links to where people can learn more about your products and services, email Dana Cassell at dana@writers-editors.com


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