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(May 2, 2016)  Suzann Goldstein has published a new essay on her blog, Grand Rounds: "The Parent's Side." Read and comment at

(May 2, 2016: Prudy Taylor Board will present "Writing a Memoir without Inciting a Family Riot" on Saturday, July 9, from 10 a.m. to noon at Florida Writers Academy at Murder on the Beach Mystrery Bookstore, Delray Beach, Fla.  Prudy will cover how to write about family feuds; scandals; second, third and fourth spouses; how to get started writing and keep going; find time to write; and editing. Info: or

(April 29, 2016) Althia Elliis of Thompson-Ellis Consulting LLC, Davie, FL, has published a book review of Andragogical and Pedagogical Methods for Curriculum and Program Development, by Victor C. X. Wang and Valerie C. Bryan, in the Journal of Transformative Education (SAGE, 2016);

(April 13, 2016) Jacquelyn Lynn has published a new Conversations e-book. In The Value of Creativity: How Developing Your Personal Creativity Can Have an Amazingly Positive Impact on Your Happiness, Health, Business Success and Life in General, storyteller and entrepreneur Caitlin Roberson shares her insights and wisdom on understanding and developing your own creativity.  and includes a link to get Three Ways to 10X Your Own Happy, a special resource from Caitlin Roberson. Kindle edition is at and PDF edition at

(April 7, 2016)  Kay Harwell Fernandez has a new Kindle book: Have Chocolate, Will Travel: An Enticing Journey to All Things Chocolate, which takes readers and armchair travelers on an enticing world journey to chocolate festivals, museums, factory tours, cafes, trails, tours, spas, attractions, bean-to-bar chocolatiers and other chocolate-themed travel. Each spot exudes a whiff of chocolate. It's not only a travel experience, but a sensory one as well. Take a look at

(April 1, 2016)  Suzann Goldstein has published a new essay on her blog,, on the subject of Resilience: "It's the Bounce that Counts." Read it at

(March 9, 2016)  Patricia Fry's "Klepto Cat" was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, March 1, 2016, on the front page, in an article featuring talking versus silent cats in fiction. The Cat Channel picked up the story, as well. Patricia says, "In case you're curious, the cats in the Klepto Cat Mysteries do not talk. They're ordinary cats with some extraordinary habits and who communicate using all of their marvelous natural God-given tools, skills, expressions, and actions." Most recent Klepto e-books: Cabin FURvor (number 16), Claws for a Cause (number 15), Meow for the Money (number 14). Most recent print books: A Purrfect Lie (number 12), PAWsitively Sinister (number 11), PAWtners in Crime (number 10). See (and order) all Klepto Cat Books with descriptions at Or at

(March 2, 2016)  Jacquelyn Lynn and Jerry D. Clement have published Christian Meditations Vol. 1: Faith Works Adult Coloring Book. The pictures in the book include beautiful nature scenes, children playing, people working, landscapes, streetscapes and more. The meditations are thought-provoking messages based on Biblical teachings. Order from Amazon (

(March 1, 2016)  Suzann B. Goldstein has added a new post to her blog, Visit to read the essay, "Oh, Mallomars, My Mallomars! -- Now For Some Sweet (And Sour!) Talk"

(February 21, 2016)  The second part of Barbara Florio Graham's article, "Do You Need an Agent," is in the March-April issue of Working Writer. The first part was in the Jan-Feb issue. Read both at


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