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(March 9, 2015)  The Cats and Patricia Fry are doing another blog tour--and it starts today. "Every day, we stop over at a different blog site and share stories about the writing life—sometimes from my perspective; sometimes from the cats' perspective. And you'll see pictures of cute kitties. There will be reviews of my latest book, Mansion of Meows, secrets from my long path as an author revealed and book giveaways. The first stop is at my Catscapades blog today. - Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:
Tuesday, March 10—
Wednesday, March 11—
Thursday, March 12—
Friday, March 13—
Saturday, March 14—
Sunday, March 15—

(March 7, 2015)  Judy Bruce has a new book out: Voices in the Wind (Editions Dedicaces, February 27, 2015) - a story set in the High Plains of western Nebraska in the American Midwest. A young attorney accepts a job at her imperious father's law firm, which forces her to confront tragedies old and new, and leads her into a harrowing fight for survival and the transformation that brings forgiveness and a new perspective. Read an interview with Judy Bruce on our blog: - check out the book on Amazon.

(March 3, 2015)  David Geer ( published "7 of the most famous spies" on March 3 2015. The article, at t-famous-spies.html#slide1, is a slideshow about 7 of the most famous spies. This article published in

(February 20, 2015)  David Geer ( published "IBM InterConnects DevOps & Systems of Record/Systems of Engagement" on February 20 2015. The article, at -engagement/, covers how DevOps helps teams create better systems of record and systems of engagement in applications. This article published in

(February 19, 2015)  David Geer ( published "Reaching Millennials with new Mainframes and Agile technology" on February 19, 2015. The article, at ogy/ covers how IBM and others can reach new students and future workforces with new ways to get inside and apply the mainframe. This article published in

(February 19, 2015)  David Geer ( published "Network function virtualization unifies the data center" on February 19 2015. The article, at tion-unifies-the-data-center, covers how NFV technology will unify technical staff across the data center. This article published in TechTarget.

(February 19, 2015:  David Geer ( published "What NFV vendors are currently on the market" on February 19 2015. The article, at rently-on-the-market, covers the important NFV vendors that are in the marketplace now. This article published in TechTarget.

(February 16, 2015)  David Geer ( published "Beware of hot foreign spies who want to steal your data" on February 12 2015. The article, at -spies-who-want-to-steal-your-data.html?nsdr=true, covers how hot foreign spies bed sysadmins and executives to steal corporate data. This article published in

(February 16, 2015)  David Geer ( published "IBM InterConnects Intuitive Themes to DevOps Challenges" on February 13 2015. The article, at ges/, covers how IBM InterConnect 2015 speaker Eric Minick will discuss DevOps topics and threads that run through them. This article published in

(February 5, 2015) Prudy Taylor Board will take part on a panel discussing "Satan, The Supernatural, & Psychic Phenomena," on Saturday, February 28, from 3:40 to 4:30 pm, during Sleuthfest, the annual conference for mystery, suspense & thriller writers, held this year in Deerfield Beach, Florida, March 26 through March 1.

(February 4, 2015) David Geer ( published "How corporate spies access your companies secrets" on February 3 2015. The article, at e-spies-access-your-companys-secrets.html covers how corporate spies get past the hiring process and into your company to steal your secrets. This article published in

(February 2, 2015) David Geer ( has published "A DevOps Metamorphosis Echoes Through, Part Two" on February 2 2015. The article, at t-two/,  covers the conclusion of a unique DevOps transformation story. This article published in

(February 2, 2015) David Geer ( has published "Named Data Networking Project Wants to Retire TCP/IP" on February 2 2015. The article, at roject-wants-to-retire-TCP-IP, covers a new technology for Internet communications. This article published in SearchNetworking/TechTarget.


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