Expert Editing Services

Professional editing of your letters, brochures, reports, speeches, web pages, article/book manuscripts, and other communications is now as close as a click of your email button.  An outside perspective can save embarrassment, confusion, even dollars.

  • Business people make more than 10 million punctuation and grammar errors every day, which cost business and industry an estimated $1 billion annually in wasted time and lost revenues.
  • Co-workers or friends usually are too close to the subject matter to spot these errors.
  • That's where our Quick Email Editing can help.

How it works

Step #1 - You draft your letter, memo, report, article, etc..
Step #2 - You email that document (or URL) to us. (Note: If you have a very long book-length manuscript, you or the editor may determine that mailing and working with the hard copy is preferable.)
Step #3 - We will edit your document, suggest changes, or rewrite and restructure where necessary.
Step #4 -  We will email (or mail when applicable) your edited and/or revised material back to you, when and how we have arranged with you.

When we receive your document, we will

  • check for spelling, grammar, syntax errors
  • weed out wordy expressions and puffy sentences
  • change the complex and expansive to a clear, direct style
  • get rid of legalese, biztalk, and jargon
  • note any words or statements that might be misconstrued
  • suggest any reformatting to better invite reading
  • look for "bad habits" (passive voice, excessive punctuation, repetitiveness, flippancy) - when not intentional
  • analyze for proper order, tone and message.

Expert Email Editing Rate Card

  • Editing fees normally range from $10 to $125 per double-spaced typed page (approx. 250 words) or its equivalent, depending upon how much editing is needed or how much you want done and how fast you want it.
  • The amount of editing can range from basic proofreading ($10 per page) to copy-editing (spelling and grammar errors, wordiness, clarity) to our suggestions for revising or restructuring to our doing a complete rewrite if warranted.
  • You can tell us how far into the editing you want us to go (if needed), or you can let us be the judge.  We'll give you the most for your budget.
  • Although the main benefit and purpose of Expert Email Editing is our quick turn-around, not every letter or report requires same-day or next-day service.  If you can allow us at least 10 days (2 business weeks) to fit your job in among the emergencies, we will be pleased to extend you a 5 percent discount.
  • And for heavy volume or continual users of our Expert Editing Services, we will be happy to work out a retainer.


1. We accept American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and PayPal with order. Checks may be mailed to CNW Publishing (address below) or directly to Network person doing the editing when pre-arranged. Credit card or PayPal payment preferred with first-time orders. Outside the U.S. and Canada, please use PayPal.

  • For credit card payment, call (603) 922-8338 and leave credit card information,
  • or fax card #, exp. date, CVV scurity code, and credit card zip/postal code to (603) 922-8339,
  • or send via PayPal to,
  • or, once our editor has determined the fee, we can send you a link to our secure shopping cart, where you can pay with your credit card or PayPal.

2. We can invoice companies with edited copy, payable net 10 days, with approved credit and signed, faxed purchase order.

For an estimate and further discussion

simply answer the following questions and click on "Submit Form" button:

Full Name:



Email Address 


Type of document (Web content, letter, article, brochure, etc.)

Approx. # words: or # double-spaced pages:

Date and time you need the completed editing returned to you:

How much editing do you want done?
 proofreading,   copyediting,      content editing,
 suggest any revision,         complete rewrite if necessary
 leave it to editor to decide. (See FAQ Edit for differences among these types of editing.)

Either copy/paste the document or a few sample pages into the body of an email; or send as an attachment, to, with "Email Editing Document" in subject line of email.

 (After form is sent, you will be redirected to another page on our site. As soon as I receive your form information, I will send you confirmation via email.)

If you have a problem or questions, call me (Dana) at (603) 922-8338 or email

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