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If you have an urgent need for a writer or proofreader or copyeditor or advertising copywriter or ghostwriter or whatever tell us about it using the form below; we'll post it immediately (or when you want it posted).

Note: Our members are independent freelancers by choice; we rarely post notices for on-site, staff positions.

Or, if you have an upcoming or ongoing need for writers or content or editorial help, and want writers to contact you or send you samples, we'll get the word out for you.

Note: Only jobs paying competitive professional rates (not $5, $15, etc. per article!) will be posted; we do not post "share the profits" offers. Also, we do not post jobs for writing essays, term papers, or theses for students. We may post editing or critiquing jobs for academic work already written.

Simply fill out the fields below with your freelance needs and contact information, then click the Send button. Note: Email your needs if you run into a problem with the form. All info must be included for posting to be considered.

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 Private Members Bulletin Board only; Both Members Bulletin Board and Public "News Items" page (note: Public page is trolled by Google and other search engines; private Members Bulletin Board is not.)

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Note: You will receive a personal email to verify that your form has successfully reached our desk. That may take a short while around meal times, overnight, and so on.


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