Free Guide to WEN Writers and Editors

Yes, for a limited time . . . if you are an editor, creative director, PR firm or corporate user of freelance talent, you may qualify to download a free electronic copy of the Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers.

The perfect tool if you have an ongoing need for freelance writers, advertising copywriters, proofreaders, copyeditors, you name it.

The Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers gives you background  information on dozens of independent writers located across the USA and Canada.  Cross-referenced by city, county, and areas of expertise to help you find the talent you need.

Handy PDF or word processing format is portable and easy to work with when you're offline, plus easy to share with others. Available in WordPerfect, Word, or PDF format.

Note: Writers-Editors Network reserves the right to determine eligibility to receive a copy of the Guide.

  • FREE to  bona fide editors and clients who pay writers for material or editorial services.
  • FREE updates whenever you wish simply return to the URL and use the password you will be given to access the current, updated file to read online, or download to your desktop. Or, if you have chosen a different word processing format, you can request an updated file via email at any time.

To apply for your free electronic copy of the Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers, complete information below and submit.  If accepted, you will receive the URL and password for your copy of the Guide usually the same day.

Note: If you experience any problem with the form, simply email requested info to (All information below must be provided or access to Guide will not be sent.)

your full name:

your title:

your publication or company:

your mailing address:

your e-mail address:

your phone:

What type assignments do you usually give out to freelance writers or editors?

(After submitting form, you will be redirected to our "Find Writers Here" page. If you qualify, you will receive an email soon containing directions to your copy of the Guide.)

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