Don't let a slight error in syntax or word choice twist your meaning   be sure you convey the message you intended to deliver.

For international businesses and professionals: If your native language is not English ... or ... if you are not familiar with American idioms and nuances ... but you need to communicate with or sell to Americans ... we can go over your materials to make sure you are conveying the exact meaning you intended.

Note: We also have Canadian writers and editors should you want to be sure your content and copy has the proper spellings and idioms for a Canadian audicne.

For international students: If you are not completely comfortable writing in English ... or if you simply want to be sure you have not inadvertently used an inappropriate word or expression, or included any grammatical errors ... we can make sure your papers are presented correctly, so you can concentrate on your ideas, your research, and your content.

For international book publishers: If you plan on marketing your books to American readers, you will want to make sure there are no confusing or - even worse - embarrassing phrases in those books.  (British publishers, take note knocking someone up in America does NOT mean calling them on the phone.)

Quick turn-around - Most documents such as letters, brochures, articles, theme papers can be completed within 24 hours. Longer material such as books, annual reports, dissertations may take longer. You tell us your deadline; we will usually meet it.

  • Reasonable fees - Although our fees for "Americanizing" your material are in the "usual" range for this type of work, our WEN editorial experts are at the top of the list for experience and professionalism.
  • Easy payment options - We can accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards from U.S., Canada, Japan, and Australia addresses; and via PayPal most anywhere.
  • Easy handling options - You can attach your document file as an email attachment and send to editor@writers-editors.comOr, you may prefer to simply copy and paste your material directly into the body of your email to us. We can then email back our corrections and suggestions, which you can easily compare to your original material. OR, for print-only documents, where the computer file is not available, you can send them by postal mail or FedEx.  You tell us what's most convenient for you.
  • For long documents, such as book-length, you may prefer to send us several sample pages, then we can email you back with our projected fee for the entire project.

Payment Policies

  • Short documents - $50 per hour, minimum one hour charge.  We can provide estimated time after seeing the material. Add 20 percent for Instant Service within hours.  Payment must be received in full before completed job will be returned to you.
  • Long documents - per project basis.  Minimum-maximum fee provided after seeing several typical pages of material. Rush Service available for small surcharge. (Sample: book-length manuscript - approx. $2,500).  Deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 required to begin work; balance upon completion for new clients.
  •  Special pricing - we are happy to provide special pricing for clients with ongoing needs who wish to establish regular monthly accounts or pre-purchase our services.

Talk to us about your needs

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Will you be sending your complete document for the work to be done now? Or for a fee estimate? Or will you be sending sample pages for a fee estimate before we begin work?

Date and time you need the completed "Americanizing" returned to you:

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If you have a problem or questions, call me (Dana) at (603) 922-8338 or email

Don't embarrass yourself, your company, your author . . . be sure your work has been "Americanized" so it is completely understood by Americans . . . if that is your target audience. Let us help you get it right.

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